Then comes the headliner of this evening. This is of course a completely different animal than the two support bands, even though they honestly tried to entertain the audience. Which they also managed neatly. Now comes powerful, authentic Hard Rock in the very best possible way.

The ingenious voice of Age Sten Nilsen is clear, powerful and very well blended. His vocal is crystal clear on every song. And the band plays powerfully with a great groove. You can tell Age Sten Nilsen and his boys really are enjoying themselves, even though the original line-up is missing tonight. Neither Erik Mårtensson (Guitars) nor Magnus Ulfstedt (Drums) are present, as informed in advance. Why they are not there is not clear: family and / or other commitments are mentioned. But I must confess:

The absence of these two outstanding musicians can not be noticed this evening.

Age Sten Nilsen adopts the guitar himself. Anyway, the parts of the lead guitar will be taken over by Jon Pettersen. And he’s really more than excellent on the guitar. Funny, that I have not heard much of him before. I ask him where he has played before, and he tells me he is the guitarist in Age Sten Nilsen’s Queen show. Speaking of Queen: Tonight there is a sensational cover version of Innuendo. Wow, get that thing in! Madness! Everyone is really having the time of their lives in the audience. Me as well!

Age Sten Nilsen notices the great vibe in the audience and he it's easy to see that he enjoys it ! He and I are even shaking hands during the song! Class Age Sten Nilsen. Age Sten Nilsen is a great singer and a jack of all trades. So he is a celebrated musical star in Norway doing his Queen show, being a solo artist, singer with the former glam rock band Wig Wam, Ammunition ... This could be continued incessantly. No, not only a great singer, he is a great artist.

The loss of Magnus Ulfstedt on the drums is compensated by Ole Tom Torjussen, also drummer of the revived Norwegian prog rock legend Aunt Mary, and he is more than equal. During his drum solo, he really shows us what he’s made of.

Age Sten Nilsen introduces him as one of his oldest joys. The interaction clearly shows that they are good friends.

On the setlist, next to the brilliant Queen cover, there are still sixteen great hard rock and heavy metal songs from the current self-titled album «Ammunition» and the debut

«Shanghaied». A little bit of glam rock is here and there too. Age Sten Nilsen can not deny his origins with Wig Wam.

The audience thanks the band, which is celebrated frenetically by their fans. What a great party we’re having here at Kubana. You do not have that every day. Despite a small audience here is a mega mood. How can you avoid to be tunred on by numbers like «Take Out The Enemy» and «Wrecking Crew»?

Incidentally, there is a great official video on «Wrecking Crew» as a promotion for the album, which I would not want to deprive my readers.

«The Wrecking Crew» is also the name of Ammunition’s official fan club, that can be joined for a small fee and you'll receive a lot of goodies and benefits.

(to join: send your request to: )

There is a great cohesion tonight. Age Sten Nilsen emphasizes several times how important the fans are to him, because without them the band would be nothing.

That's a great attitude. Since some self-proclaimed stars sometimes tend to forget the importance of their fan base.

As the encore, Age Sten Nilsen introduces «In My Dreams» from his former band Wig Wam. Class! Again great cohesion. All musicians of the previous bands come on

stage and perform the song together with Ammunition. A great gig and extra great performance by the band!

Age Sten Nilsen and the entire band join their fans right after the end of their show. There are discussions, selfies, vinyl’s and CD’s signed.

Great great people. I also talk to Age Sten Nilsen again. He tells me that he noticed that I had a great time down in the audience.

Especially during the Queen cover Innuendo, when we shook hands. Yes, he is absolutely right. I wish him and his band all the best and much success on

the further tour.

Conclusion: A great evening with Ammunition, one of the best hard rock bands from Norway, at Kubana, Siegburg. The band is extremely close with their audience and

being playful. Great party in front of a rather small crowd. But that did not matter at all. If the band continues their style consistently, I assume that they will soon move to a different level, especially if they continue to be so authentic.

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