Live Review Hellpress: AMMUNITION - Live at Razzmatazz, Barcelona: "If I had to describe in three words what happened on the stage of the Razzmatazz 3 this night, it would be: magic, feeling and attitude! "

Not everything that glitters is gold, especially when we talk about 'All Star Bands' formed by great musicians of different consolidated bands who try to give life to a new one taking advantage of their individual origins. Many times we find that the accumulation of so much talent together in a band does not get to find that necessary chemistry, and sometimes there are egos wars, but this is not the case of Age Sten Nilsen's band.

It didn't take long before AMMUNITION made it clear that this band will have a leading part of the Hard Rock scene worldwide in the future. If I had to describe in three words what happened on the stage of the Razzmatazz 3 this night, it would be: magic, feeling and attitude! The chemistry between the members of the band when coming together on a stage is brutal.

The show started with "Time", the same song that opens their great new studio album. The sound was clean from the start and it quickly became clear that the audience would take the band under their wings. The intentions were confirmed in "Tear Your City Down", there was little missing for them to demolish the city as the title itself indicates. Then they pulled out the first song of the first album, "Do You Like It" , with a smiling Nilsen that didn't mind the sing-along audience at all.

"Tie Me Down" with guitars full of feeling sounded energetic and made it very clear that the guitar duo Erik Martensson and Jon Henrik Pettersen understand eachother and interpenetrate perfectly. As on the album, the next song was the delicate ballad "Road To Babylon" with a Nilsen intoned and determined that AMMUNITION would triumph that night. Then back on the streets with "Give Me A Sign" with Victor on bass and backing the boss in each and every note of the choirs. The cool "Klondike" that closes the last album put the audience on fire, clapping and singing without stop. Much thanks to a band who litterally gave everything on stage.

this, they put a little pause to so much waste with a short Jon solo that merged with "Take Down The Enemy (Hallelujah)" with that gossip to Góspel merged with Hard Rock that has this theme and that He again revolutionized the audience by singing that "Hallelujah". Another brief solo, this time of drums on the part of Ole Tom unchained in a magnificent, partying and badass "Gung Ho (I Told You So)". Nilsen hung up the acoustic guitar to play the beautiful "Eye For An Eye" where you can see Martensson's hand and it always reminds me of "Battlegrounds" by ECLIPSE. They toyed around with "Firehouse" of KISS that was used to introduce the rocker "Wild Card". Two great songs like "Caveman" and "Silverback" made the room temperature go up several degrees and that is why people did not stop giving everything, singing, jumping and dancing incessantly. Meanwhile, Nilsen asked us the day it was, to which he answered "It's New Year's Eve".

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