Live Review METALTRIP.COM - AMMUNITION live at Sala Caracol - Madrid:

An Ammunition concert is always a guarantee of success. We do not know what the Scandinavian success formula is but it is a pleasure to bring it to Spain, the more the better.

Shortly after the support act Hollywood Twist, Ammunition appeared on stage. As we all know, Ammunition is a supergroup formed by members or former members of bands like Wig Wam, Eclipse and TNT. The support act Hollywood Twist had left the level high but Ammunition swept them of the stage. Mr. Nilsen asked us "Do You Like It”... we loved it!

Ammunition delivered from the very first minute, they constantly interacted with the audience, which on numerous occasions gave him what he was looking for ("Give Me A Sign"), it was noted that Ammunition had arrived in Madrid to "Tear Our City Down "and continued to increase the revolutions with" "Tie Me Down “ before the break with " Road To Babylon “.

As I mentioned before, the formation of the group is an excellent credential, and in that sense I have to highlight Jon Pettersen as one of the best guitarists that I have heard in a long time. I spent almost the whole concert dumbfounded with his playing (the The guy noticed this and some mischievous giggles escaped, and speaking of giggles, during "Gung Ho", the vocalist Age Sten asked us to substitute the "ahá" of the lyrics for "olé", in reference to the name of the drummer , Ole Tom, who was replacing the usual drummer Magnus Ulfstedt, and who scored a great drum solo at the end of the song.

The version of Wig Wam classic , "In My Dreams", that reached ninth place in Eurovision 2005 were also very successful.

Åge Sten Nilsen thanked the audience for coming several times, and encouraged us all to come to the next concert. We were undoubtedly his "Wrecking Crew", the theme of with which they closed their performance.

After the concert, the musicians stayed chatting, signing autographs and taking photos with the fans. Such a pity that I had to leave, because I would have loved to talk to Mr. Pettersen for a long time!

In short, a great concert of a super band that step by step is becoming the next chapter in the new scene of European hard rock.

The setlist:

  1. Do you like it

  2. Tear your city down

  3. Time

  4. Tie me down

  5. Road to Babylon

  6. Give me a sign

  7. Klondike

  8. Take out the enemy

  9. Gung Ho (I told you so)

  10. Bad bones

  11. Eye for an eye

  12. Wild cards

  13. Caveman

  14. Silverback

  15. Innuendo (Queen cover)

  16. Virtual reality

  17. Freedom finder

  18. Wrecking crew

  19. In my dreams (Wig Wam cover)

Photos and text by: Fernando Lafora/

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