"It’s crystal clear that this is a very experienced band" - Live Review BOCUM (Germany):


"Ammunition has won some new fans over. At least they won me! Jon Pettersens playing blew the roof off the club"

The saying is: if Moses does not come to the mountain, then the mountain will come to Moses. Or was it the other way around? Anyway, in this case I go to Bochum in the German Ruhr area to see the Norwegian / Swedish band Ammunition at work. For the first time the band plays outside Scandinavia, and I want to be there. Whether it was worth it?

By: Wim R.

Photographer: Wim R.

Ammunition is a Norwegian / Swedish ensemble where former members of TNT (bassist Victor Cito Borge) and Wig Wam (singer Age Sten Nilsen and keyboardist Lasse Finbratten) can be found. Another part of the band is formed by two members of the Swedish Eclipse (guitarist / singer Erik Martensson and Magnus Ulfstedt, bass player in Eclipse, but drummer in Ammunition). Relatively unknown is guitarist Jon Pettersen. He worked with Nilsen in the Queen rock musical 'The Show Must Go On' which was very successful in Norway. Ammunition elaborates on the sound of, in particular, Wig Wam. In 2013, Wig Wam finally broke apart due to internal troubles. In 2014 Ammunition was founded by Nilsen and Martensson and the strong debut album 'Shanghaied' is a fact. At the beginning of this year the very strong self-titled sequel followed. For the first time, the band now undertakes a small-scale European tour (Spain and Germany). In Germany they bring the German DeVicious and the Spanish Xtasy as support acts. And DeVicious bassist Alex Frey is also the tour manager and organizer of the German shows.

The Matrix in Bochum is a former beer brewery and an unique and beautiful location. Several rooms are available in the Matrix. The bands will perform this evening in the 'Rockpalast’. Today in Bochum and the next day in Siegburg there is a free VIP event for the first visitorspresale ticket buyers (and members of Ammunition's fan club The Wrecking Crew), consisting of a Meet & Greet with the three bands and an acoustic performance by Ammunition singer Nilsen. Only Nilsen appears on stage, and in an entertaining way he meets the attendees before the acoustic performance begins. The acoustic set of Age Sten Nilsen is characterized mainly by getting to know each other combined with humorous anecdotes. The whole experience is very approachable and Nilsen treats those present with solo material, Wig Wam songs and Ammunition songs. Recently he released a new album with 'Smooth Seas (Don’t Make Good Sailors)'. Also 'In Your Dreams' is played. Nilsen has a very strong and pure voice. Nice extra treat .

Before Ammunition enters the stage, the band members walk quietly through the audience looking very relaxed and friendly. And, Hooray, a soundman (Rune Magnusson) with ears. Loud and in balance, as it should be. Striking absentees are the Eclipse members Martensson (guitar) and Ulfstedt (drums). Other obligations, I think? On drums Ole Tom Torjussen is the replacement. Nilsen fills in for the lack of one guitarist himself, not without merit, for his account. It’s crystal clear that this is an experienced band. Especially the guitar player Jon Pettersen, unknown to me so far, whose playing blows the roof off the club. In the Queen cover 'Innuendo' he manages to squeeze the most impressive sounds and solos from his Les Paul. Nilsen’s stage banter is a big part of the whole experience and it's entertaining. And he doesn’t just work the stage, he works the the whole room.

One moment the band is a true rock machine in songs like 'Silverback' or 'Tie Me Down'. Then in songs like 'Take Out The Enemy' and 'Klondike' the band shows a more swinging and soulful side. The band also has a number of commercial rock songs in the genre. 'Wrecking Crew' is a real sing-along song, which almost went to the international Eurovision Song Contest this year (#2 in the Norwegian Grand Final). Nilsen has already achieved a ninth place in the internationals Eurovision Song Contest in the past with Wig Wam in Kiev. Variation is sufficient. It is admirable how the band cares for the small audience, in Norway the band easily attracts thousands of interested people.

The show ends with 'In My Dreams'. The song with which Nilsen and Wig Wam were on the Eurovision song contest. After the show the atmosphere stays very nice for a long time and everyone is welcome chat with the band members and have their photos taken. All in all it was well worth the trip. I think Ammunition has won some new fans over. At least they won me!

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